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Oarsome: what the ARA says about the scheme

"Project Oarsome is an investment in the future of sport in this country. Project Oarsome is an investment in youth, an investment in schools and importantly an investment in partnership with rowing clubs all over England.

During the next three years in the region of 2.5 million pounds will be invested in this special project as part of the National Junior Rowing Programme. Within this period up to 30,000 young people will have experienced rowing, many of them on the water.

The project has been fully piloted at diverse sites in the Thames Valley and industrial Warrington. There are a number of specific and measurable aims to Project Oarsome:

  • Formally link up to 100 "State" schools to 50 rowing clubs, providing seamless progressions between junior and senior sport.
  • Increase participation and junior membership of the ARA by 35%.
  • Significantly increase qualified coaches working with young people Involve parents and teachers in the development of school / club links.
  • Resource the schools and clubs with appropriate equipment to achieve the best possible results.
  • The Amateur Rowing Association has already had considerable interest in Project Oarsome aimed at 11 to 14 year olds. Many clubs from every part of England have already applied for inclusion commencing in January 2000.

Applicant clubs must fulfil a range of criteria that include agreeing to open their clubs to their schools in partnership, providing appropriate qualified coaching at the school and the club, offering clear leadership in the community. Schools in the scheme will provide effective communications between the club and parents, particular staff will be encouraged to take relevant coaching qualifications. In return the school / club partnership may receive up to 75% funding for approximately between 42,000 and 50,000 worth of indoor rowing machines, boats, oars and safety equipment. The funding is broken down as follows, with Lottery Funding, a donation from Henley Stewards Charitable Trust and a Community investment from the applicant clubs. Over 3 years - 50 clubs - 100 schools - 2.5 million Sport England - 65% Club investment - 25% Henley Trust - 10%.

During the Winter and Spring terms the club will provide coaching at the schools with indoor rowing machines, this is DRY START. During the Summer term large numbers of young people will have the opportunity to participate on the water, this is WET START.

Young people may take a range of enjoyable and suitable Skill, Safety and Fitness Awards. All awards have been fully tested with great success at Evesham, Doncaster and Northwich. Other materials available to clubs: Young Persons Logbook A5 Coaches Instruction Manual A4 Wall Chart A3 Posters A4 Help Cards A4 Leaflet A4 Certificate and badges.

The club JUNIOR CO-ORDINATORS would be pleased to answer any Inquires that may arise over Project Oarsome, their club or schools involvement."

Copy from the ARA website.